Aluminum Spring Loaded Plates

Aluminum Spring Loaded Plates

A Spring Loaded Dock Plate (SL Plate) solves a problem in some common situations. Many times a dock services the exact same truck or type of trucks several times per shift. If the loads are loaded or unloaded by handtruck, dollie or other manual methods the SL plate may be the answer.

Diamond deck aluminum plate assures a non-skid surface but can be further enhanced with optional 3M strips of adhesive grit material. Also, kick plate covers are available to cover the spring mechanism and help prevent damage to the springs. 

A budgetary quote can be quickly and easily be obtained by calling us at us at 1-800-433-2212.  This estimate will be based on your estimates, and is good for 30 days, subject to changes required by the completed worksheet.

However, each Spring Loaded Dock Plate by Bluff is built for the exact location and equipment serviced in the application, so a completed worksheet is required at the time of order. You can download the worksheet to start the quote process here.


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