Stairways, Ladders and Landings

Stairways, Ladders and Landings

As a provider and developer of industrial stairs, ladders, and landings, Bluff Manufacturing is your source for customized steel safe access products. From constructing mezzanine access for maintenance and daily operations to safely moving personnel across your conveyor line, we have the in-house manufacturing expertise and capacity required to deliver a solutions-based product with your individual specifications as our blueprint. You’ll find efficiency and quality for your budget point when you work with the Bluff Manufacturing professionals. 

Industrial Stairs and Stairways

Bluff’s stairways are designed and manufactured to your particular worksite requirements. Our engineers employ code-compliant solutions to fulfill the details of your applications, including specific elevations, stairway lengths, and occupancy loads. Whether you need a new structure integrated into your existing system or a new, freestanding installation, all stairways feature a bolt-together design that ensures optimal strength and rigidity.

Stairway features include:

  • Structural steel manufacturing
  • Standard three-part construction, including two stringers with welded handrail and griprail, and treads bolted between stringers
  • Bar grate or diamond plate tread
  • Closed risers
  • Custom sizes and configurations (straight, L- and U-shaped runs with intermediate landings)
  • Powder-coated components (black treads and safety yellow stringers)
  • Easily integrated with landings, mezzanines, work platforms, conveyor crossovers, and towers

All stairway structures are also designed and produced using the strictest compliance with existing UBC, IBC, and OSHA requirements for maximum safety, stability, and efficiency.


When your deck height exceeds twelve feet, applicable code requires that your vertical rise meets an intermediate landing. However, depending on the constraints of your work space, it may not be a simple task to build your stair and landing system to code. At Bluff Manufacturing, we work with you and any space limitations to design the most functional and efficient code-compliant stair system for your setup. Our engineers can manufacture landings to be provided with stairs or sold separately for integrating into existing industrial stairs systems.

Landing specifications feature:

  • Fixed handrail in compliance with applicable code
  • Convenient gate options for platform landing
  • Custom sizes and configurations, such as straight, L- and U-shaped runs
  • Top landings for specific ingress or egress requirements
  • Decking material options 



Raised elevation is necessary for flexible accessibility. For times when you need access to a mezzanine or outside structure level, we manufacture straight ladders (with or without caging), ships ladders, and OSHA and IBC ladders.

All designed and constructed in compliance with OSHA and ANSI standards, we’ll support you in the selection of the best ladder for your system.

Our straight ladders feature:

  • Welded steel
  • Caging when heights exceed 20 feet
  • Intermediate landing when ladder extends 30 feet
  • Rungs ¾” serrated round rebar
  • Handrail extended 42” above top rung

Ships ladders specifications include:

  • Bolted steel
  • No caging requirements
  • Tread depth of 6”, width up to 36”
  • 36” grip rail and handrail at 42” above top tread 


Bluff Manufacturing is the name you can trust to select the best industrial stairs, landings, and ladders for your work space or system. 

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