U-Design Crossover Ladder

A crossover platform allows a person to safely walkover an obstacle or hazardous area instead of havingto go around or through it. Crossovers can increaseproductivity as well as safety by improving access tohard-to-reach areas. You can select the parts neededto create your own specially configured U-Designcrossover by following the steps below:

  1. 1. Select an incline
  2. 2. Select a stair height
  3. 3. Select a bridge span
  4. 4. Select a configuration


  • Steel construction
  • 1”x2” Reinforced rectangular tube
  • Yellow powder coast finish
  • 1000 Lb. capacity
  • Clearance height is 2” below platform height
  • Perforated or Grip Strut tread
  • 42” Guardrail height
  • Combine 20” or 30” Bridge spans to create desiredhorizontal clearance
  • Leg kit required for spans greater than 90” in length
  • Rail Kit item URK used in place of ladder to close offplatform opening