Hose Bridges

Bluff Manufacturing can provide the best pricing for Turtle Plastic Hose Bridges. 


  • Low Angle Profile (Vehicles, Fire/Rescue Apparatus, and Heavy Trucks)
  • Affordable and Efficient
  • Recycled Plastic – Made in the USA
  • Adaptable width depending on your axle width
  • Maximum Load Capacity: 14,000 lbs per axle


  • Utilities: Water, Electrical, Gas, Phone
  • In-Plant Use: Welding Cables, Electrical Conduit, Water, Steam, Hydraulic & Air Lines
  • Construction Sites
  • Municipal Sidewalk Repair
  • Available as a half bridge model for Curb Access

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Model Number Product Name
WSHBS-G Hose Bridge - Grit Top Tile Walking Surface for HBS - 4 pcs.
WSHBS68-G Hose Bridge - Grit Top Tile Walking Surface for HBS68 - 6 pcs.
HBS Hose Bridge Set - 4 pcs.
HJ Hose Joiner
HBS68 Super Hose Bridge - 6 pcs.