Mini Ramps

The one that started it all the Bluff (SYS) Yardramp has a new little brother. Don’t interpret incorrectly thinking that small means “not as tough”. There are a world of applications that have a target height that is one-half or less of normal dock height. When your high side is 32” or less you might consider this economical solution.

With the optional mobility package the Mini does not need the hydraulic actuated undercarriage to move it to the work. Two screw jacks with rigid steel casters are mounted at the balance point and a couple of people can move it on a hard surface. Floor plate approach both top and bottom insure a long life on the grating whether you are using manual equipment or forklift trucks.

Capacities start at 12,000# and go up from there. Widths of 70” & 84” and lengths starting at 15’. Call for special sizes and capacities.

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