High Capacity Steel Yard Ramp

High Capacity Steel Yard Ramp

High Capacity Application

  • All steel welded construction
  • Capacities from 60,000 to 100,000 pounds
  • Steel serrated grating
  • Beveled approach provides a smooth transition
  • Safety chains included to secure Yard Ramp to the dock or trailer
  • Uses sturdy I-beam construction for strength and durability
  • Widths available up to 144” (may be shipped in two parts to meet transportation regulations)• Available with fixed or adjustable legs


  • Military – particularly unloading equipment off flatbedsUnique situations requiring support for 60,000+ lbs.
  • Situations where a heavy tractor-trailer (for example) needs to drive through a warehouse that is not at ground level
  • Scrap yards – loading scrap material into containers that are shipped overseas for recycling
  • Construction CompaniesRental companies for heavy construction equipment to deliver it to the sites and get it to the ground
  • Companies that rent heavy construction equipmentCommercial Real estate companies that assist in the move in/out  of large equipment to warehouses

Touch up paint for Yard Ramps:

Rust-oleum 249114 Gloss Deep Blue (Painter’s Touch line) 
Rust-oleum 7786 Smoke Gray

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Set Descending Direction
Model Number Capacity(LBS) Width (In) Length Without Level Off (Feet) Weight (Lbs)
100SYS14430NU 100000 144 30 17,300.00
100SYS12630NU 100000 126 30 15,100.00
80SYS12630NU 80000 126 30 14,200.00
80SYS10230NU 80000 102 30 11,575.00
100SYS10230NU 100000 102 30 12,500.00